Conecta cualquier dispositivo a tus aplicaciones corporativas

Access and Connectivity solutions let companies connect any mobile and web devices to their enterprise applications through a complete line of host access and application modernization products.

What is the challenge?

Enabling employees/customers to work (off-line) anywhere at any time

Repurpose and extend existing enterprise assets by improving the application UX, avoid costly integration costs and maintain the reliability and stability of your mission critical business systems

Reducing or minimizing the costs associated with annual terminal emulation maintenance contracts.

Why choose it?

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device is reshaping the enterprise. Rocket Access and Connectivity solutions offer access to enterprise applications and systems from the most popular mobile and web devices.

Modern: Yesterday applications werem’t designed for today business. We offer a fast-to-market, non-invasive way to extend and repurpose enterprise applications as user-friendly mobile and web applications.

Low-cost: With our Access and Connectivity solutions, you can realize cost savings by dramatically reducing host access costs and by offering modern mobile and web user interfaces to enterprise systems at a fraction of the cost of starting from scratch.

Is there an opportunity?

Do customers claim they can’t get access to the information locked in your enterprise systems?

Do you have a BYOD policy?

Can you work anywhere with any device?

Does your organization rely on green screen applications?

Which vendor/products do you currently own or use for terminal emulation?

Does your company typically pay maintenance on this software? If so, how much?


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