Arkivio le permite reportar y actuarl sobre millones de datos y objetos a través de una agrupación inteligente. El mejor almacenamiento coste-efectivo para entornos crecientes en volúmenes de datos

Rocket Arkivio software helps companies to better understand and manage their data by facilitating data archiving and retention, regulatory compliance, storage consolidation, backup and recovery optimization, and capacity management. Rocket Arkivio enables companies to easily report and act on hundreds of millions to billions of files or objects through the use of intelligent grouping, creating the most cost-effective storage environment to support organizations growing data needs

What is the challenge?

  • On average, 70% of all data retained is unstructured’
  • 60 – 80% of this data has been untouched for 6 months or more increasing document retention and compliance, backup and recovery, and storage challenges;
  • Growing concerns over information authenticity, protection, and security;
  • Finishing backups in the time available and cost of the backup environment strains IT resources and budget.

Why choose it?

  • Best ROI of any solution in the industry;
  • Provides organizations greater utilization of storage resources and enables consolidation of resources;
  • Works across heterogeneous systems;
  • Complete API integration with NetApp, EMC, and Hitachi, Quantum, and RESTful API;
  • Provides data protection optimization, regulatory compliance, and archiving of large amounts of unstructured data.

Is there an opportunity?

  • Do you have over 50TB of unstructured or flat file data?
  • Do you have difficulty completing backups on time?
  • Do you have an archiving strategy in your company and are you able to implement it?
  • Have you considered implementing any archiving or backup optimization projects?


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